TEAMS Therapy

TEAMS –  Think Effectively About Mood Swings – is a form of cognitive behavioural therapy  (CBT), tailored for people with bipolar disorder. The therapy focuses on the thinking and behaviour patterns that might be  involved in mood swings in order to find a shared understanding about problematic or distressing experiences, such as depressed mood, irritability and anxiety.

Teams CBT is a one to one therapy. The therapist and client work together collaboratively with the aim of helping people to achieve their  important life goals.  Whilst the aims and goals of therapy are always based on what the client wants to achieve,  some people have in the past found these aims of therapy useful to think about.

  • Learning about the symptoms of mania and depression and how they differ from normal ups and downs in mood
  • Discussing the pros and cons of various mood states
  • Developing a shared understanding of what leads to high and low moods
  • Learning how to pursue life goals without experiencing mania or depression
  • Working out how to improve relationships when feeling either high or low
  • Developing a regular routine of behaviour while still pursuing your goals
  • Developing one’s own ‘blueprint’ of therapy so that one can face the future independently without the need for regular therapy

However, there may be other things that are not covered here and your therapist would be keen to talk about whatever is important for you when thinking about mood swings.

Please see the following youtube link for a demonstration of TEAMS CBT in action.

The therapy has already been used with a small number of clients who have reported improvement and viewed the therapy in a positive light. We now wish to evaluate the effects of the therapy by comparing it with people’s normal treatment – Treatment as Usual (TAU). This would allow us to find out whether or not TEAMS can provide better outcomes for people experiencing symptoms of bipolar disorder than they would  normally receive in clinical care.

Read about peoples experiences of TEAMS CBT here…


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