NHS Trusts Affiliated with TEAMS

Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

The lead Trust for this research is the Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust. The Trust focuses on providing integrated mental health and social care services to Bolton, Salford and Trafford to a range of inpatient and community based services. The Trust provides a wide range of mental health services including: adult and older people community and inpatient services; inpatient and community drug and alcohol services; child and adolescent inpatient services; adult and adolescent forensic services; and mental health and deafness services.

In line with national policy developments and local commissioner requirements, the Trust is focusing on developing accessible and responsive community based services as alternatives to in-patient care particularly with regards to relevant mental health and substance misuse services. The Trust recognises that service users want to have choices and options about where and when interventions are provided. Therefore the Trust intends to develop its community services and will be working with other statutory and independent sector providers to enable a wide range of opportunities for social integration and improved lives.

The Trust has recently presented an opportunity to:

  • Provide new services for users and carers via the integration of health and social care.
  • Allow us to focus on developing and delivering new ranges of services, which support our service users to stay, wherever possible in their own homes.
  • Allow us to share clinical expertise from our specialist and district services to develop excellent, evidence-based services.
  • Provide increased opportunities for us to attract and retain highly qualified and skilled staff who are key to delivering better services.

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